Partial Discharge Measruement Device

Insulator Ash Density Tester

ZC-811 Insulator Ash Density Tester is developed by our company a gray density complete sets of measuring equipment according to the needs of Chinas power grid pollution prevention work, with the power grid pollution level classification of
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  • Product Parameters
Balance precision     0.1mg
Maximum weighing     200g
Temperature range      room temperature +10℃~250℃
Temperature resolution     1℃
Temperature fluctuation degree     ±1℃
Temperature uniformity     ±1℃
Filtration flow     60L/Min
The maximum degree of vacuum filtration     0.098Mpa
Single head exhaust air filtration     10L/min
The number of air filtration     2pcs
Supply voltage     220±10%
Ambient temperature     5~40℃
Relative humidity     85%

  • Product Features
      Quick filter:
      1. Adopting new technology of optimized stress distribution, imported vacuum pump, with large load capacity, high acceleration capability, greatly improving the measurement speed and efficiency of gray density
      2, flexible setting of filtering interface, clear and eye-catching, easy to operate
      3. Supporting gray-tight measurement and analysis software
      4, the human-computer interaction interface is beautiful and generous
       5. The test operation is simple and easy to learn. It is designed and manufactured for the insulator ash density test. It can be used with the insulator equivalent salt density tester produced by our company.
       Precision electronic balance:
       1, using excellent sensor structure, digital multi-point linear correction and multi-point drift correction, advanced technology
       2, a variety of measurement modes to choose from, the range design meets the actual measurement requirements
       3, power on self-test, external calibration, automatic screen saver
       4, full transparent sealing cover production, beautiful appearance, easy to use
      Constant temperature drying oven:
      1. Adopt "hot and cold air convection" technology to ensure automatic air change in the box
      2, temperature self-tuning, intelligent control functions, advanced technology
      3, large glass display window, digital tube display, easy to observe and operate
      4, multi-layer shelf, can dry multiple samples at one time

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