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Wireless HV phase tester

ZC-820A Wireless HV phase tester is used to detect whether the power supply on both sides of the closed-loop point circuit breaker of the ring network or dual power supply network is in phase. The instrument is suitable for the live phase verification
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  • Product Features
1.Measurement voltage: 10-110kV (according customer order)
2.Accuracy: self-calibration error≤±3°;
3.Sampling speed: 10 times/S.
4.Time setting: Easy for users to browse, view historical data.
5.Backlight time settings: on, off, set within 0-999 seconds.
6.Automatic shutdown settings: Never, within 0-999 minutes setting.
7.In-phase: ≤20° is in-phase, (phase threshold within 0-90°, system default value is 20°).
8.Out-phase : >20° is out-phase (phase threshold within 0-90°, system default value is 20°).
9.Field calibration function: field calibration for measured lead to ensure the accuracy of the phase angle.
10.Handset detectors and X, Y detectors transmission distance: X≤150m, Y≤150m.
11.Multi-mode design, applicability, safer, and more convenient.
12.Unique interactive interface, simple operation
13.FCC antenna design, signal stronger, easier to penetrate walls , doors or obstacles blocking
14.Double shielding, strong anti-interference, in full compliance with EMC standards.
15.Charts and data display, easier to read.
16.Qualitative measurement: sound and light signal display.
17.Quantitative measurements: real-time display of phase angle difference, error≤5°
18.Phase sequence check: Shun phase sequence, reverse phase sequence (120°, 240°).

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