Partial Discharge Measruement Device

Remote Patrol Instrument

The patrol instrument is suitable for the patrol and location of partial discharge of main transformer and GIS, and also for the detection and location of partial discharge of insulator, creep of cable head and internal discharge of high vo
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  • Product Parameters
                Structure                Pistol type
                Circuit System                Analog Circuit and Digital Circuit of Anti-jamming Filter
                Measuring range                 -7dBµV ~ 68dBµV
                Resolution                1dB
                Error                ±1dB
                Sensitivity                 -65dB (0dB = 1volt/µbar rms SPL)
                Sensor center frequency                40kHz
                Sensor diameter                16 mm
                Display                1) OLED LCD with backlight
                Batteries                lithium batteries
                Headphones                High definition headphones, easy to wear safety helmet
                Indication                 dB value, waveform, battery status

  • Product Features
     1. Hand-held non-contact, visual, audible and display waveform, live non-contact detection;
     2. Signal receiving range:  up to 50m;
     3.The signal amplification factor is large and the sensitivity is high.
     4.Green laser with moderate intensity can be tracked accurately and easily by human eyes in sunlight.
     5.Special purpose, strong focusing ability;
     6.The display can display waveforms from time to time, display the maximum value, locate accurately, be safe, reliable, simple and practical.
     7.Powerful and widely used, it is suitable for power monitoring, mechanical failure monitoring, leakage monitoring of high-pressure sealed gases and liquids in power systems, railways, petrochemical and metallurgical industries, etc.

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