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Gas Relay Test Bench

ZCWS-100Gas relay test benchis a new design of gas relay check and test equipment.The action mechanism of the gas relay calibration stand simulation of transformer internal fault, a new generation of embedded control and high precision sens
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  • Product Parameters
Velocity detection range φ25:0~3.1m/s
φ80:0~2.1 m/s
Minimum resolution 0.01m/s, accuracy 0.25
Measurement range of gas volume 0~999ml,minimum resolution 2ml, accuracy 0.2
Sealing performance test 0.20MPa, 20~120 minute, minimum resolution 1Kpa,accuracy 0.2
Test medium the test medium of gas relay is all kinds of transformer oil
Working voltage AC380V,power 5KW
Working temperature  -10℃~+60℃
Size 1. 2200×750×1400mm (length ×width ×height)
Weight 720kg


  • Product Features
     1.The ambient temperature -10ºC~+40ºC, the humidity ≤85%, no dramatic changes in ambient temperature places;
     2.No strong magneto electric interference, corrosion, inflammable and explosive gas or liquid place
     3.No special installation is required, only a flat and solid foundation (such as the ground) is needed.
     4.The calibration table should have enough work space on the side of the front, back and liquid level observation holes to facilitate the operation, dismantling, maintenance and cleaning of the equipment.
     5.The calibration stage is powered by three phase four wire system. When wiring is selected, wiring is required according to the electrician's manual, ensuring safety. If the wiring distance exceeds 25M, it is recommended to increase one specification wiring.
     6.The checkout console must be reliably grounded before use. The grounding wire must not be connected to other large current loads, but must be separately grounded. The earthing wiring must be shorter and the better.
      7.A proper amount of qualified transformer oil must be added before the first use of the instrument, and the filling hole is located at the oil return tank. It is suitable for the liquid level meter to observe the hole oil level in the distance of 6~8 centimeters from the upper cover of the tank.

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