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Working principle and advantages of transformer ratio tester

:2022-09-05 14:32:58:

The transformer transformation ratio tester mainly tests the turns ratio or voltage ratio. It can overcome the shortcomings of the traditional transformation ratio bridge test. For this kind of instrument, its working principle and advantages are shown in the following.

Working principle of transformer transformation ratio tester:

The working principle of the transformer transformation ratio tester is that the square of the transformation ratio is equal to the ratio of the inductance between the primary stages. In the whole process, as long as we test the inductance through the instrument, we can calculate the turn ratio. When using the instrument, we should pay attention to that the instrument is based on a single-chip microcomputer for measurement, calculation and automatic control, and the operation interface is also in English.


Advantages of transformer transformation ratio tester:

1. Use Chinese menus and tips, which are understandable and easy to operate.

2. It's very convenient to carry, and it's also suitable for field work.

3. The measurement range is relatively detailed, 0.9 ~ 2000.

4. The measurement speed is relatively fast, and the error in measurement will be relatively small compared with the actual.


Test steps of transformer transformation ratio tester:

1. Place the instrument flat, separate the high-voltage part A.B.C and the low-voltage part A.B.C of the test lead of the tester and connect them to the corresponding terminals of the tester and the transformer under test.

2. Input the calculated transformation ratio of the transformer to be tested in the tester.

3. Place the function keys on the panel in the same wiring group as the nameplate identification group.

4. Connect the test power, the power indicator is on, and press the reset button to reset the display to zero.

5. Press the test button to start the test. After about 60s, the wiring group of the transformer is displayed on the upper right of the digital screen interface, and the transformation ratio error (%) of the transformer is displayed on the four digits on the left of the digital screen interface. Record the test results.

6. Turn off the power.

7. Change the gear of the tested transformer, and test the transformation ratio error at each gear according to steps 2 to 6 above.

8. When testing the transformation ratio of single-phase transformer, the four terminals a.b.a.b of the instrument shall be used for testing.


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