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Analysis of the working principle of three-phase relay protection tester

:2023-12-07 09:55:00:

Relay protection is a safety measure in the power system, which can promptly and accurately identify faults in the power system and protect all parts of the power system from losses. The three-phase relay protection tester is a device used to test relay protection equipment.

1. Working principle

The three-phase relay protection tester is a device used for testing and debugging relay protection equipment. It is mainly used to detect whether the relay protection equipment is working normally. During the test, the three-phase relay protection tester will simulate the fault of the power system to detect the action and protection range of the protection equipment. At the same time, the parameters of the relay protection equipment can also be adjusted to better adapt to the actual use environment.

Specifically, the working principle is as follows:

①  Signal generator: There is a signal generator in the tester, which is used to generate various power signals. These signals can simulate voltage, current, phase, etc. respectively.

② Input part: The input part includes the input to the electrical appliance and the input to the signal generator. The input to the electrical appliance is to connect the electrical appliance to be tested to the tester, and the input to the signal generator is to input the signal input interface through the tester. to the device under test.

③ Control part: The control part is the core part of the three-phase relay protection tester and has high-precision, high-speed mathematical and logical computing capabilities.

④ Output part: The output part is used to record and display test results. It can output digital images and digital data to facilitate engineers' evaluation and analysis.

2. Test objects

Three-phase relay protection tester is mainly used to test various relay protection equipment, including voltage relays, current relays, differential relays, undervoltage relays, overvoltage relays, reverse connection relays, etc. The three-phase relay protection tester can test important indicators such as pulse protection, short circuit prevention, ground fault protection, reverse protection, and zero sequence protection of the equipment to ensure that the equipment can accurately act quickly and correctly when a fault occurs.

It can be seen that testers are widely used in many fields, including laboratories, power company maintenance and debugging, power generation equipment maintenance, and electrical equipment manufacturing.

3. How to use

① Parameter adjustment: Before testing, some parameter adjustments need to be made. For example, we need to connect the output signal of the three-phase relay protection tester to the test equipment and adjust the signal size to the optimal state to ensure that the equipment can be tested accurately. In addition, we also need to set the working mode of the tester to manual mode or automatic mode, and select different test scenarios according to the actual situation.

② Test steps: The test steps of the three-phase relay protection tester mainly include: detecting and calibrating the start-up and action time of the three-phase relay, detecting the action sensitivity and protection range of the relay protection equipment, and simulating fault types such as voltage and current. Simulate fault events, test the action time of equipment, etc.

③ Test result analysis: After the test is completed, we need to analyze the test results. If the test results are satisfactory, we can archive the device for future use. If the test results do not meet the requirements, troubleshooting and repair are required.

4. Purchase and maintenance

① Purchase: Before purchasing, you need to consider the working frequency, accuracy, test saturation, test time, test method, professionalism and other factors of the tester. At the same time, we also need to choose a regular manufacturer with good after-sales guarantee and maintenance. We should pay attention to whether it has national quality certification and whether it has complete use and maintenance manuals.

② Routine maintenance: Routine maintenance can ensure the long-term use of the tester. Ensure that the storage environment of the equipment is dry and at a suitable temperature, clean the tester equipment before use, and use appropriate tools for regular maintenance and routine maintenance.

The three-phase relay protection tester plays an irreplaceable role in the power system. It can not only improve the safety and reliability of the power system, but also achieve multiple purposes such as energy saving and emission reduction. When using and purchasing, we need to consider various factors to ensure the long-term performance and use effect of the tester.


ZCAR-702 three-phase relay protection tester comes with a large-screen LCD display and a flexible and convenient rotating mouse controller. The stand-alone machine has a strong function when operated independently and can be used for most experiments. When connected to a computer, it has more powerful operation functions. Small size and high precision. It not only has the superior performance and advanced functions of large-scale testers, but also has the advantages of small-scale testers such as compactness, flexibility, easy operation, high reliability, etc., with high performance-price ratio. It is a good tool for relay care workers.

In addition to testing various relays (such as current, voltage, inverse time, power direction, impedance, differential, low cycle, synchronization, frequency, DC, intermediate, time, etc.) and microcomputer protection, it can also simulate single-phase to A complete set of tests is carried out for three-phase transient, permanent and switching faults. It can also complete various large-scale and complex calibration tasks with a high degree of automation. It can automatically test and scan various protection settings, store test data in real time, display vector graphics, and print reports online.

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