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Introduction to common microcomputer relay protection tester algorithms

:2023-12-08 09:59:17:

Microcomputer relay protection tester algorithm refers to the algorithm used when testing and evaluating the performance of microcomputer relay protection devices. These algorithms are designed to simulate real power system working conditions and test the correctness, reliability and response speed of microcomputer relay protection devices under various faults and abnormal conditions.

The following is a common microcomputer relay protection tester algorithm:

1. Action time measurement algorithm:

It is used to measure the action time of the microcomputer relay protection device, that is, the time from the occurrence of the fault to the action of the protection device. Usually, the same period comparison method is used to compare the protection device under test with the standard device to calculate the action time error.

2. Protection trigger condition algorithm:

According to different types of fault conditions and the setting parameters of the protection device, the tester will generate corresponding fault waveforms to determine whether the protection device can be triggered correctly to protect the power system.

3. Fault location algorithm:

By injecting virtual fault signals into the power system, the tester can accurately locate the fault location based on the operating data of the protection device and the characteristics of the fault signal. Commonly used algorithms include timing method, distance method and variable ratio method.

4. Non-electrical quantity test algorithm:

Used to test non-electrical protection related to power systems, such as differential protection and transformer thermal protection. By simulating and injecting corresponding non-electrical signals, the tester can verify the protection device's ability to process and respond to these signals.

5. Communication performance test algorithm:

Used to evaluate the communication functionality and performance of protective devices. The tester can simulate various communication protocols and communication network conditions, and check the communication connection, data transmission and response time of the protection device by sending data packets and receiving responses.

These algorithms play an important role in microcomputer relay protection testers, capable of comprehensively evaluating the performance of protective devices and discovering potential problems and defects. Users of the tester can select appropriate algorithms based on specific needs to ensure that the protection device can reliably protect the safe and stable operation of the power system in actual operation.


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