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How does a partial discharge tester detect it?

:2024-01-25 13:39:51:

Partial discharge testers are widely used, and various power equipment in the power system needs to detect partial discharge conditions and evaluate insulation status. Therefore, only a handheld partial discharge tester is needed to solve this problem.

The insulation status of various power equipment in the power system, such as high-voltage switchgear, voltage/current transformers, ring main cabinets, transformers (including dry-type transformers), overhead lines, GIS, cables, etc., can be detected by partial discharge testers.

The instrument evaluates the degree of discharge of electrical equipment by measuring partial discharge signals and using several key indicators. Among them, the detection of partial discharge intensity relies on measuring the maximum value (dB) of the discharge signal within one power frequency cycle to characterize the intensity of partial discharge. The data indicator of partial discharge frequency is to detect the discharge signal within one power frequency cycle, extract the discharge pulses, and calculate the number of discharge pulses. This data can characterize the frequency of partial discharge. Through the evaluation of these indicators, we can comprehensively understand the partial discharge situation of electrical equipment, so as to timely eliminate potential fault hazards and ensure the normal operation of the power system.

The front end of the handheld partial discharge tester has a non-contact ultrasonic sensor and a built-in TEV sensor, which means that there is no need for external sensors to detect partial discharge in high and low voltage switchgear. For partial discharge detection of power equipment such as overhead lines, GIS, transformers, cables, etc., it is necessary to connect dedicated sensors to the sensor extension port at the bottom of the testing host for detection. The host can also automatically switch measurement modes based on different sensors. This design facilitates user operation, making detection work more flexible and efficient.


The ZC-830 with portable structure and embedded signal receiving and data processing module, has multiple analysis modes and can conveniently measure the UHF signals and the ultrasonic signals generated by the partial discharge of the electric equipment. Compared with similar products, this product has convenient operation and strong function.Besides the embedded ultrasonic sensor, the host machine of the product is also configured with an external sensor interface for connecting UHF sensor, TEV sensor and external ultrasonic sensor thereto. The uniform interface is adopted for convenient and simple operation.This product widely used in theater testing of power systems, including insulation status testing of high-voltage switchgear, ring-network cabinets, voltage/current transformers, transformers (including dry-type transformers), GIS, overhead lines, cables, and other equipment.

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