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Why are capacitance and inductance testers becoming increasingly popular?

:2024-01-26 16:05:16:

The capacitance and inductance tester plays a unique role in the power system. Testers generally use capacitance and inductance testers to measure high-voltage parallel capacitor banks inside the substation and on site. Next, let's talk about the problems that capacitance and inductance testers can solve.

Firstly, the capacitance and inductance tester can solve the problems of complex process and low testing efficiency in traditional testing methods for detecting capacitor banks.

At the testing site, the capacitance and inductance tester can complete the test without removing the connecting wires when measuring capacitors, which greatly simplifies the steps of the test, protects power equipment, and improves the efficiency of the test. This instrument can achieve automatic segmented current compensation, linearizing the full range current, improving the accuracy and precision of instrument measurement, and providing more accurate and reliable test results for testers. The instrument also has an environmental temperature monitoring function, which can monitor the environmental temperature, so that testers can accurately analyze and judge the impact of different temperatures on the capacitance value of capacitors.

Secondly, the capacitance and inductance tester can solve the problem of fully measuring the parameters of capacitors.

The testing instrument adopts advanced testing principles, as well as advanced detection technology and four terminal measurement technology. The instrument can accurately measure the capacitance value and inductance value of capacitors. For the maintenance and replacement of capacitors, the testing personnel only need to use a capacitance and inductance tester to measure the parameters of all capacitors. These parameters are important basis parameters for judging the quality changes of capacitors and whether there are faults in the connecting conductors between devices.

Finally, the capacitance and inductance tester can solve the problem of saving and managing capacitance and inductance testing parameters.

The instrument has a large capacity data storage function, and all test data can be properly saved. The transmission of data is also very convenient, which can effectively help test personnel access and manage test data.


The ZC-800C capacitance and inductance tester is mainly designed to address the problems encountered during the measurement of high-voltage parallel capacitor banks in substations. It is specifically developed with reference to national standards such as GB3983.2-1989 "High Voltage Parallel Capacitors", DL/T840-2003 "Technical Conditions for the Use of High Voltage Parallel Capacitors", and JB5346-1998 "Series Reactors". It is mainly used for measuring high-voltage parallel capacitor banks and reactors in reactive power compensation devices. The instrument adopts a high-speed microprocessor to synchronously collect the voltage and current signals of the test object, and automatically calculate capacitance and inductance values. On site measurement of capacitors does not require the removal of connecting wires, simplifying the testing process and effectively improving work efficiency. After the experiment is completed, the capacity and other parameters of each phase capacitor are automatically calculated, making it easy to distinguish the quality changes of the capacitor and the faults of the connecting conductors between devices.

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