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Maintenance and upkeep of SF6 density relay calibrator

:2024-04-30 11:30:18:

The maintenance and upkeep of SF6 density relay calibrator is a key link to ensure its long-term stable operation and accurate calibration. Here are some important suggestions for the maintenance and upkeep of the SF6 density relay calibrator:

1. In terms of maintenance, the calibrator should be regularly maintained and calibrated professionally. This includes checking the various performance indicators of the instrument, such as measurement accuracy, response speed, etc., to ensure that it is in optimal working condition. At the same time, key components such as sensors and circuit boards of the calibrator also need to be regularly cleaned and inspected to prevent dust accumulation or corrosion from affecting its performance.

2. In terms of maintenance, operators need to pay attention to the following points:

① Storage environment: The calibration device belongs to precision electronic products and should be stored in an environment with a temperature of -20~70 ℃ and a relative humidity of no more than 90%. It is strictly prohibited to contain corrosive gases in the air. This can effectively prevent damage to the calibration instrument due to environmental factors.

② Transportation protection: During transportation, the calibrator should be avoided from severe vibration and impact, and should be protected from rain and snow soaking. It is recommended to use a dedicated transportation box for packaging to ensure the safety of the instrument during transportation.

③ Usage precautions: During the calibration process, ensure that the density relay being calibrated is placed upright to avoid inaccurate calibration results due to placement differences. At the same time, after the experiment is completed, it is necessary to ensure that the residual gas in the pipeline is completely discharged before unplugging the gas pipe to prevent safety issues.

3. In order to ensure the accuracy of the verification results, operators also need to regularly check whether the corresponding alarm signal wires and locking signal wires on the terminal block of the calibrator are disconnected from the terminal block. The disconnection of these signal lines can prevent the secondary circuit of the calibrator and the signal lines in it from forming a circuit, thereby affecting the calibration results.

Overall, the maintenance and upkeep of SF6 density relay calibrator requires comprehensive consideration of multiple aspects, including regular professional maintenance, control of storage environment, protection during transportation, and precautions during use. Only in this way can the long-term stable operation and accurate calibration of the calibrator be ensured, providing strong guarantees for the safe and stable operation of the power system.


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