Cable Fault Locating System

Cable Fault Detector

Product Introduction To test the HV arcing fault of cable, earthing high low resistance, short circuit and breakage of the cable, poor contact, etc. If equipped with fault locator, it can decide the exact broken position of the cable ,appli
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  • Product Parameters
Ambient temperature -10℃~40℃
Measurement error Rough measurement error ±1%
Test distance Up to 16km
Shortest test distance (blind area) 1~3m
Sampling rate 25MHz
Power and power consumption AC or DC power supply in the machine; AC 220V±10%, power consumption is not more than 10W; DC 6V/7AH, power consumption is not more than 6W
In-machine transmit pulse width and amplitude 0.2μs,100~120V;2μs,150~160V
Way of working Low-voltage pulse, DC high-voltage flash and impact high-pressure flash
display resolution V/50 m, V is the propagation speed m/μs
Display method 320×240 LCD liquid crystal with backlight display
Quality 6kg
Volume 500×300×195mm3

  • Product Features
      1. Multi functional, safe, fast speed and accurate. It uses LV impulse method and HV flashover method to test, can test kinds of fault of the cable, if equipped with sound locator, can accurately the position of the fault point.
      2. High precision, adopts high-speed sampling technique, A/D sampling speed is 100MHz, resolution is 1m, detection blind area is 1m.
      3. High degree of intelligence, test results auto displayed by LCD.
      4. Can store and review the waveform and parameters, these information will not loss after power off.
      5. Dual display, compare the measured waveform and normal waveform of the fault cable, benefit to further detection of the fault.
      6. With function of wave form expansion ratio, change the proportion of the waveform, expand the waveform to test.
      7. Directly display the direct distance or relative distance between fault point and measured point.
      8. Can modify the speed according different measured cable.
      9. Portable design , small in volume , with rechargeable battery, easy to carry and operate.

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