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What are the functional characteristics and application scenarios of the battery load tester?

:2024-06-06 14:50:19:

A battery load tester is a device specifically designed to test the performance of batteries, with powerful and diverse functions. It is mainly used to evaluate key parameters such as capacity, lifespan, resistance, and stability of batteries. The following is a detailed introduction to the battery load tester:

1. Functional features:

① Load testing: Battery can be tested under various load conditions, including constant current discharge, pulse discharge, cyclic discharge, etc., to simulate actual loads and measure battery response.

② Parameter measurement: able to measure the current and voltage provided by the battery to evaluate its actual capacity and quality.

③ Fault detection: Through testing, potential faults and problems can be detected, such as increased internal resistance and rapid capacity degradation, in order to timely repair and ensure the operation of electronic devices and transportation.

④ Data analysis and report generation: With data analysis and report generation functions, it can generate analysis reports for better management of battery usage and maintenance.

2. Product features:

① High degree of intelligence: Most battery load testers have functions such as large LCD screen display, Chinese menu prompts, microcontroller control, etc. After parameter settings, they can automatically complete the capacity test of the battery pack or the load capacity test of the DC power supply.

② Multiple discharge modes: Supports three discharge modes: constant current, constant resistance, and constant power. Parameters such as discharge current, protection voltage, discharge capacity, and discharge duration can be set as needed.

③ Safe and reliable: produced using new components and independent intellectual property technology, with high power, no open flames, safe and long service life. At the same time, it has automatic protection functions for undervoltage, high temperature, reverse connection, and power outage, as well as anti reverse connection functions for positive and negative cable lines, to avoid short circuits caused by reverse connection of positive and negative stages.

④ Data Dumping and Processing: It has the function of data transfer and processing. After discharge, the data is transferred to a USB flash drive or uploaded to a computer through RS232 interface. After backend processing, various charts can be automatically generated to provide scientific basis for judging the quality of battery packs.

3. Usage:

The battery load tester is widely used in power bureaus, power plants, substations, communication companies, and UPS uninterruptible power supply, and is widely used in various fields such as communication, power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, military, hospitals, and finance.

In summary, the battery load tester is a powerful, highly intelligent, safe, reliable, and easy-to-use device that can comprehensively evaluate the performance and health status of batteries, help users discover potential problems in a timely manner, and carry out effective maintenance, thereby extending the service life of the battery.


The ZC-420A battery load tester is specifically designed for conducting verification discharge experiments, capacity testing, daily maintenance of battery packs, engineering acceptance, and other DC power load capacity tests on battery packs. Using wireless communication technology, the discharge process of the battery can be monitored in real-time through PC monitoring software, monitoring the discharge process of each battery. The power consumption of the instrument adopts a new type of alloy resistor as the discharge load, which is safe, reliable, pollution-free, and stable. The whole machine is controlled by a 32bit ARM microprocessor, with a 5.7-inch LCD touch display, English menu, and multiple interfaces for users to choose from according to their needs. The appearance design is novel, small in size, light in weight, and easy to move. After setting various discharge parameters, the entire discharge process is automatically completed.

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